About Music Solutions

At Music Solutions we market, consult and direct radio promotion and publicity activity for emerging Canadian artists.

We launch new emerging artists including the coordination of timelines and strategies for the launching of albums, singles, tours, and also provide management consultancy. We search for songs that will give artists the best shot at competing in the radio field.


  • Linda Dawe

    Linda Dawe’s career spans several decades, starting out as a journalist, promotions professional and music scout executive, she has turned her talents to music promotion for emerging Canadian artists. Music Solutions’ clients receive best practices for delivering great Canadian music to a broad range of radio stations who have grown to trust her judgment when it comes to determining what listeners want to hear.

    Developing strong relationships with music directors is key to helping her clients succeed, and the music directors Linda works with are always willing to listen to the emerging artists she brings them. Most importantly, they are willing to provide essential feedback on the music they hear.

    Tectonic shifts within the record industry have given rise to an even greater need for Linda’s solutions, as the industry works to realign its thinking to meet the changing needs of the artist and the artistry. Linda employs an individually tailored approach that builds effective representation on behalf of the artist in the present climateshe knows that one song played at the right time can change the course of an artist’s career.

    Linda’s dedication to the business of music comes from a deep love of freedom of expression. Over the years, she has naturally developed instincts that benefit artists who require a direct source of wise council. Every artist who works with Linda receives the benefit of her experience through a blend of wisdom, learning and business acumen, which translates to success for their song.

    As the leader of Music Solutions, Linda delivers the full benefit of international experience in her field, having contributed to the careers of international touring musicians like Ella Fitzgerald, Elton John and Hall & Oats. Her ability to guide artists accurately reflects why Music Solutions has been the “go to” brand for well-developed artists over the decades.

    Having toured Canada and the world extensively, artists can be confident about the Music Solutions team, as Linda continues to share her honest insights, build social capital and work her craft on behalf of the artists and their music across Canada.

Our Associates

  • Vince Degiorgio
    Chapter 2 Productions

    Vince Degiorgio, President of Chapter 2 Productions, songwriter/mixer/producer including Love Inc’s “You’re a Superstar” (Sheppard/Degiorgio/Daymond), formerly with BMG Canada, RCA New York (signed N’Sync),  and a multiple award-winning songwriter/publisher. Chapter 2 Productions has provided music for 150+ TV shows and sales of songs with 30+ million units.

  • Joe Wood
    RDR Music Group

    Joe Wood, President of RDR Music Group, the indie tracker’s essential source for delivering songs via DMDS (digital music delivery system) to radio.

  • Paul Carroll
    Private Records Studio

    Paul Carroll, Oscar nominated producer (The Passion of Christ), Private Records Studio, Newmarket, ON, not only 25 years as a singer/songwriter/session musician/engineer, creator of Gemini & Genie award show themes, Grammy award TV film scores, Paul knows how to capture the sound of artists (including Bordeen, Will Ardell, Dallas Mann).